Many of you notice that The Autograph is specialised only on two destinations, Greece & Georgia. And you are definitely wondering WHY.

Well, the answer is easy. Lena, the Owner and Managing Director of The Autograph, was born in Georgia but later she moved in Greece. For the last 19 years she is travelling between Greece and Georgia making friends, investigating, spending her time and money and always looking for “once in a lifetime” experiences.

After working many years in tourism industry, she understood how incredibly important is to spend your off time well. She has been there.
That’ s why she created The Autograph.

A company now numbering over 10 employees in Greece and Georgia, who are dreaming and creating exceptional new luxury experiences and innovative services to enhance the Autographs’ s Clients’ lives. We believe that the only luxury you can get, it’s the experience, the escape, the chance to connect, and most importantly, personal. From honeymoons to gourmet tours, it has been the needs of our clients that have shaped us as a Company.

‘’ Sometimes people don’t know where they want to go – but they do have a sense of how they want to feel. So, defining travel by a need to experience something new or different, as much as by destination, became key to the overall vision. The gap in the market was identified, the scene was set.’’



Thanks to our Destination Designers with an average of 5 years’ experience and amazing local guides, we are not afraid of giving you extra ideas. Because the reason you came to us is because you love an original, once in a lifetime experience, right? From romantic honeymoons to adventures that the whole family will love. We are here to guide you, to inspire you and to tailor your experience.  We have got something to keep everyone happy.



Selected Hotels & Accommodations. Private Escapes. Private Fine Dining, Personal Butlers. Exclusive access, undisturbed. We take reasonable steps to protect the personally identifiable information that you provide via The Autograph. Our Platform has been built with Data Protection and Privacy Rights at its core by design. We protect our clients, we protect your data.


Our experience and education in Tourism & Hospitality have led us to believe passionately in the principles of sustainable tourism. We pride ourselves on delivering an insightful “once in a lifetime’’ sustainable experience in Greece & in Georgia. Through training and attentive selection of suppliers, we are committed to work in a socially and environmentally-conscious way, and making a positive difference.


No two trips are the same. See for yourself how easy it is to create your travel experience of your dreams with The Autograph in 3 easy steps. One: Tell us your ideal experience. It all starts with an Autograph’s Destination Designer. Two: Let us handle each detail and provide you with all the information you need to be prepared for your travel experience. Three: Once you arrive at your destination, we manage everything behind the scenes, leaving you to enjoy every moment.



We have lived in our destinations, and spent a lot of time exploring. Our sharing stories are our inspiration too! Our knowledge is the basis for organising your perfect experience and we will be excited to hear all your stories when you return. So shoot us a challenge! We’ve got everything covered and plenty of tricks up in our sleeves.


We do the legwork and you only pay for your actual holiday. You actually start paying when you are satisfied you have the itinerary of your dreams.  Make a request for a free itinerary and you will see how passionate we are for your ‘’once in a lifetime experience’’. In fact we know that you will be amazed.


  1.  Tell us where you want to go and how you want to feel.
  2.  We wire our local contacts and start planning your unique experience.
  3.  We’ll send you an initial proposal. You can change it as much as you like – or even ask for something new.
  4.  When you are happy to go ahead and book, we request a small deposit to secure all the arrangements. The full balance is paid 6 weeks before your arrival.
  5. We take care of all the tedious bookings of accommodations and transfers. We set up the privately guided experiences and we make sure to make your trip unique.
  6.  Upon your booking, you will receive confirmation of payment along with your full itinerary.
  7.  Relax. Enjoy. And tell us all about it afterwards.
  8. When we meet, great things happen.
  9. Having over 100 satisfied Clients, we keep growing our Team of Guides, Experts and Locals.