Kivotos Mykonos


It was back in 1993 when the aesthetically intriguing image of a French antique mirror against a dazzling white wall flickered the owner’s imagination and inspired the creation of a blissful holiday retreat that would combine original fine art, first-class luxury amenities and personalized hospitality. The unique identity of this 5-star hotel in Mykonos - initially intended as a family villa - created a distinctive legacy only to become a captivating holiday retreat for art connoisseurs and modern travel aficionados who desire the finest, most exclusive experiences imaginable. The Michopoulos family has a deep interest in culture, fine arts and history, which is evidently reflected in the hotel’s allure, ambiance and aesthetics. Well-travelled throughout the world, its members –each from a different standpoint- have contributed to the creation of this daringly elegant resort in Mykonos, where everything is masterfully planned and crafted to impress the sharpened perception of luxury-loving travelers.


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