Why to choose Georgia for your next destination?

Because Georgia is a Virgin in Luxury Travel.
Georgia is a remote destination and you need to find those ”unchartered/undiscovered locations”.

Luxury merges with history and you’ll find your own private paradise.

One of the main reasons to visit Georgia, is because of the people. They are welcoming, friendly, proud, not subservient and with good cultural level. They love a healthy debate and take hospitality to the core.

Having such a rich cuisine, it comes as little surprise that Georgian cities have a great restaurant scene. Tbilisi has a huge variety of restaurants serving Georgian and international cuisine.

”Visiting Georgia is almost like taking a trip within a trip – you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Myths and history meet in fascinating temples and amazing ruins, and you will leave inspired and mesmerised, like you’ve been told an incredible secret”.