Svaneti: An unforgettable experience


Svaneti, region situated on a North-West of Georgia, where you can find hundreds of well preserved Svanetian towers and sure, you will be amazed by the nature of Caucasus. 4 from 10 peaks of Caucasus are situated within a territory of Svaneti. Isolation of this region from other parts of Georgia probably is the reason Svani people well preserved their unique culture and even language. Yes, while they are Georgian, they speak different language and with Megrels (Megrelian language is spoken there) form the Georgian or Kartvelian language group. Which has not ties with any other language and forms independent language group. Svans are well known for their brave spirit, Ushguli Svans never had feud rulers and with Pshavs and Khevsurs they were ruled by tribal law and by eldest people. There are many routes worth to try through scenic villages to snow covered peaks. Overall Svaneti will be intriguing challenge for everybody starting from hiking lower to the professional mountain climber.

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