Adjara Group is the largest and fastest growing company in the Georgian Hospitality sector. It is a leader in implementing new standards, efficient management practices, and innovative ideas. It has gained international recognition with unique Georgian brands such as Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi and Kazbegi and Stamba Hotel.

The Autograph Georgia and Adjara Group had a meeting on February and discussed about the touch, the sense and the design a Traveler can experience into their hotels.

Adjara Group’s hotels are mostly created by the in-house team of architects and interior designers responsible for the company’s construction project. The creative team of 12 is known for turning historic and abandoned brutalist structures into styling, contemporary properties.

We went, we stayed, we experienced and now it’s time to tell you how we felt and may you want to feel the same.

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi
A former Soviet Brutalist building, ensconced deep within the Caucasus Mountains and transformed into a modern-day masterpiece where alpine chic meets cutting-edge design, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is the last thing you would expect to find in the Georgian Countryside. But we love to be surprised. Here, they take the concept of a room with a view and run with it with 155 rooms framed by floor to ceiling windows looking out over the surrounding landscapes. From the subterranean spa to open plan restaurant, bar and lounge, and even the casino, there’s no avoiding the view here.

Stamba Hotel
Nested in the heart of the city that seemingly gets trendier by the day, Stamba Hotel is our must-stay. A hotel  with stunning design and good times at its core, Stamba has taken a cold and harsh Brutalist building and turned it into something quite spectacular. Every bit the trend setter as the city that lies beyond its 20th-century publishing house facade, the 42 rooms bring a quirky, hipster-esque luxury to Tbilisi. Service has not been sacrificed to design though, with a friendly team on hand to bring you the warmth of Georgian Hospitality.

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
Located in the intellectual neighborhood of Vera, the Tbilisi cleverly incorporates the building’s history as a publishing house into its design elements, while also honoring its cultural past with many art and music events. Rife with regal sophistication, the 8-floor property boasts 125 rooms and suites, combining distinct 1930s New York vibes with old-world Tbilisi charm. Rich, fragrant leather, mood lighting, velvety textures, and carefully selected sounds fill the spacious fireplace lounge and cocktail bar – home to international guests and fashionable Georgians alike. With a clear emphasis on all things ‘’taste’’, the nouveau American restaurant ‘’The Kitchen’’ concocts a delectable weekly menu using locally sourced ingredients.

These three Hotels concepts are all about public spaces and views. Designed to create a natural flow that both draws in and guides guest around the hotels, each space is more jaw-dropping than the last.

We are very happy to had the opportunity to experience these hotel concepts and we cannot wait to see you checking in there.

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